Wealth Management

Wealth management is a process built around the coupling of financial planning and asset management.

The true value of a financial advisor often manifests itself as being “behavioral investment counselors There is difference between returns of an investment versus the returns of the average investor. investors often make choices that impair their returns and jeopardize their ability to fund their long-term objectives. Investors all too often allow emotions —fear or greed—to overwhelm rational thinking when making investment decisions.

Our process begins by taking a holistic approach to personal finance. We construct a blueprint for a client’s financial plan that becomes the basis of the relationship with our firm. The process consists of several steps culminating in a financial plan joined by a recommended investment program.

It has been our experience that clients who go through this process become investors who are better equipped to make educated decisions about their financial futures may ultimately achieve their goals.

Getting to Know You

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We don’t start by telling you what we think you should do. We start by discussing your needs, wishes, and plans, both for your money and for your life. Together, we’ll develop a strategy designed to help you align your portfolio with your personal objectives — for now and into the future.

Next, we’ll develop your portfolio mix through rigorous research and objectivity to help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated team of advisors evaluates the universe of investment vehicles, structures, and managers, while simultaneously analyzing the potential risks, expected returns, and tax implications of each approach. Throughout the firm, our founding philosophy and belief in transparency helps keep us free to remain objective and to help ensure we choose the optimal options for you. Meanwhile, you enjoy the ease of entrusting your wealth management to specialists, the comfort of knowing committed knowledgeable advisors are just a call away, and the results that come with a personal touch.

At Clear Perspective Advisors your needs come first. Our client relationships begin with information collection. First we hold one-on-one meetings to develop your Investment Policy Statement. Next, we conduct a rigorous quantitative analysis of your current investment holdings, including the entities in which they are structured and the tax implications of each. Our team works with your other outside advisors to make this transition seamless, as well as thorough.

Information gathering doesn’t stop there. We track changes in the tax, regulatory, and investment environment to make proactive decisions. We include and educate your family members in the process, as you deem appropriate. Most importantly, we proactively suggest modifications as your goals change over the years.

We customize every client portfolio based on:

  • Return objectives

  • Time horizon

  • Cash flows

  • Terminal value goals

  • Liquidity needs

  • Risk tolerance

Risk Management

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We know our clients regard risk in relation to their ability to achieve goals:

Maintaining a lifestyle. Realizing philanthropic dreams. Leaving a legacy that transcends liquid wealth. Any investment strategy we develop considers the risk to these goals-right along with cash flow, inflation, and tax concerns.

By maximizing your comfort with your portfolio, we also enhance its potential for success. That’s because confidence in your investment decisions allows you to stay on course during inevitable market cycles, exercising the long-term discipline essential to financial success. Our boutique-style approach provides you with personal, well-researched access to almost every financial service, investment strategy, and product from any significant provider available.


If you’re overly concerned about risk, you can’t live your life freely. Yet avoiding risk altogether can make it impossible to reach your true wealth potential. We take into consideration an investor’s emotional reaction to volatility when developing a portfolio. We do this by walking clients through distinctive scenarios to determine their ability to handle different levels of market volatility.

From here, we use powerful analytical tools to gauge risk throughout your portfolio, identifying the right options for you. You’ll benefit from the breadth and depth of our risk management experience. This includes balancing and re-balancing your portfolio with the right mix of capital market and alternative investment strategies and the diversification of concentrated wealth. We use the full complement of asset classes in an effort to minimize downside risk and maximize risk-adjusted returns. And we always work to ensure that we match liquidity terms with client liquidity needs.