The Firm is committed to excellence but never at the expense of its guiding principles and values in the way it treats its clients, its associates, and its vendors. We seek success, but not at the expense of our respect for the individual.

Client Assessment

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Before we establish an investment strategy for your institution, we ask questions that help us gain a clear picture of your organization’s particular needs.

What are your institution’s investment goals and views on risk?

What business issues must be considered when structuring assets?

How does your organization make investment decisions?

Are there any philosophical or ethical considerations that will impact choices?

What are the time horizons that need to be considered?

The answers to each of these questions will vary based on the institution, which is why we take the time to understand the particular needs of our clients before developing an investment strategy that defines how we can help your institution achieve its investment goals. This Investment Policy Statement, which defines issues such as investment objectives and risk tolerance, provides an objective standard against which we can chart goals, measure performance, identify obstacles, and modify strategy. It also encourages a level of transparency that strengthens your confidence in us.

From there, we use rigorous research and objective analysis to develop a portfolio that is consistent with the objectives of your organization. Because of our commitment to maintaining transparency, your institution and investment committee will have a clear vision of how we make our decisions. And if your institution’s needs change, we work side by side to adjust the investment strategy to better help meet your goals.

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Asset Allocation

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At Clear Perspective, we believe that the asset allocation decision is the most important aspect of portfolio construction.

We focus on disciplined diversification that supports your organization’s investment objectives. We believe that inexperienced investors oscillate between greed and fear, creating potential opportunities for experienced investors. We balance the patience of long-term investing with pragmatism by dynamically adjusting portfolios in an effort to manage risk and take advantage of potential intermediate term themes presented by market volatility.

Our decisions are grounded in objective research and analysis. Our open- architecture investing gives us the flexibility we need to evaluate the full range of options.

We start with a clean sheet of paper and maintain portfolio strengths while introducing ways to complement existing portfolio exposures. We strive to achieve the appropriate balance between long term strategic discipline and short term, tactical shifts to navigate volatile markets and seek optimal returns.